Anticipate, 2017 This past Sunday we started a new sermon series, beginning a season which our church calls “Anticipate.” MBC often sets aside a few weeks before Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday to refocus our thoughts, preparing...

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Making Sense of the Psalms

This past Sunday we sang/read through Psalm 89. As I mentioned during our service, this is a Psalm that begins cheerful enough but, as each section progresses, gets darker and darker. It is a Psalm that expresses anger and frustration to God...

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Worship as Submission

In this past Sunday’s sermon, I spoke about how, in Matthew 2, the Wise Men came to worship Jesus. In that sermon, I focussed on how this story represents all the nations of the earth worshipping Jesus as the true King and how the Wise Men’s...

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The 12 Days of Christmas

As I write this, we are now nearing the end of the Advent season; our time of waiting and anticipation for the revelation of Christ gives way to rejoicing and celebration at his arrival. Celebration!  That’s what the 12 Days of...

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A Few Thoughts on Advent

This upcoming Sunday, November 27, marks the official beginning of the Season of Advent, our time of preparation for the celebration of Christmas. The word “advent” simply means the arrival or coming of something long anticipated; you can see...

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