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SR Uth | Night Games @ Bethany College | Hepburn | November 16 [7pm to 12am]

We will be playing campus wide games, hanging out with the students & eating snacks.

Cost: $10

Drop off & Pick up @ MBC

JR Uth | Laser Tag @ Prairie Jurassic | November 21 [6pm to 9pm]

REGISTER with full payment by November 18 || If you have not filled out our Youth Info Sheet (the one where they get skittles for handing it in), head to the STUDENT INFORMATION FORM on our website and fill out the information… or fill out the EVENT WAIVER FORM on the website.

Cost [includes 2 rounds of laser tag & snack]:  $20 || Drop off & Pick up @ MBC || Bring indoor runners OR Apex socks.

Note: During the wait time in between the laser tag games, youth may bring money for arcade type games (similar to Ruckers, but better). $11 extra for 12 tokens. $22 extra for 27 tokens. Most games are 1-3 tokens each.

JR Uth | FORMAL CHRISTMAS PARTY POTLUCK @ MBC | December 5 [6pm to 9pm]

Here’s the skinny… Dress up in formal attire (we will have a photo booth), Bring a supper item to share under the theme ‘FORMAL’ (something like finger foods, hors d’oeuvres), Bring a sled & change of clothes (winter appropriate), Bring a ‘FORMAL’ gift for a gift exchange (think elegant, and posh, but don’t spend that kind of money… keep it around the $5 mark).

SR Uth | Christmas Party | December 7 

Working on some amazing details for this event.

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