Olympians Wind Up Party

OlympiansEven though summer is quickly approaching and Olympians will be taking a break from meetings during this time we are still going strong. The children are working hard to earn their bronze, silver or gold certificates. Our ‘Invite a Friend to Olympians’ contest has seen many new children come to our meetings – friends, cousins, and neighbors all being invited to come see what the program is about. It has been great to meet them all.

Tammy and Dave Wiens are our ‘adoptive missionaries’ this year and they were able to come down and visit with us last Sunday. Dave and Tammy impacted the hearts of the children as they heard how God is using them in Mexico. They heard how living the life God wants you to live is the most exciting way to live.

We will be having our year end party on the last Sunday of May which will include awards being handed out, store night and many other fun activities for the children to do. So even though Olympians is taking a break from meetings end of May we are still as busy as ever.

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