52 Family Dinner Discussions

1. If we could have any celebrity over for dinner whom would you want us to have over? Why
them? What do you think we would serve them? Why that?
2. If you could plan a dinner for our family at any location in the world, where would you plan it
and why?
3. If our family had our own cooking show on TV, what would be our specialties and style of
4. What is one restaurant that we have never been to as a family that you would like to try
5. If you could be any food item, what food item would be and why?
6. If we as a family were stuck on a deserted island for a week and we could have an unlimited
supply of only one food item, what would you want it to be?
7. If you were to jump off a tall building and safely land in a pool filled with a soft food, what
would you want it to be?
8. What is a famous food or beverage factory that you would love to go visit and see how it is
9. If you could create your own candy bar, what would it be made out of and what would its
name be?
10. If you were to open a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve? What would the name
of the restaurant be?

11. Tell us one thing you loved about today and one thing you didn’t like about today?
12. Who is someone got to know better today? What did you find out new about them?
13. If you could rewind and do one thing different this last week, what would it be and why?
14. Who is one person (student or adult) at your school that seems like they are having a rough
week, that we as a family could do something to encourage next week?
15. What is one thing you are thankful for about your school year
so far? Why?
16. If you were a teacher, what subject would you teach? What is
one fun thing you would do as a teacher to make that subject
more interesting?
17. If you could change or add one thing to your school, what
would it be? (be positive)
18. If you could build a school in a country around the world where
would you build it? Why?
19. What is one topic or subject your have never had in school, which you would love to take or
learn about?
20. If Jesus were to attend your school tomorrow, what do think would happen? What do you
think your friend’s reactions would be to Him?

21. When you start a family of your own, how many kids do you want to have? How many boys &
how many girls?
22. When you are a parent, what do you think is going to be your most important rule you are
going to have and have to enforce?
23. If you were to switch roles with me for a day and I had to attend your school, how do you
think I would do?
24. If you were to switch roles with me for a day and you had to do what I do all day, how do you
think you would do?
25. If you were going to plan our next family trip or vacation, where would be go and what would
26. Jesus had brothers and sisters, what do you think would be the hardest thing about being
Jesus’ little brother or sister?
27. If are family were on a reality show? What show would it be and how do you think we would
28. What is your favorite family memory/memories?
29. What is one thing you look forward to, when you are a parent? Why?
30. What is one thing you don’t look forward to, when you are a parent? Why?
31. If our family would go away on a mission trip together, where would you want to go and what
would we do there to serve others?
32. If you could add one room onto our house, what kind of room would it be and how would we
decorate it?

Spiritual Life
33. What is one thing God has taught you or shown you lately?
34. What is one verse that you have read or heard that has really
been your favorite?
35. What is your favorite praise and worship song or Christian
song lately? Why is it your favorite?
36. Tell me what you learned in church/youth group/Sunday
School today/this week?
37. If you could be a Bible character who would you be?
38. What is one question you have had about Christianity or God lately that we as a family could
study and find out more about?
39. Who is one person in your life right now that you could share Christ with?
40. What is one way we can encourage you this week in your Spiritual Life and walk with Christ?
41. If you could have dinner with Jesus, what is one question you would ask Him?
42. What is one thing you are excited about when it comes to heaven and eternity with God?
43. Of all the miracles that Jesus did, which one would you have wanted to be there for and why?
44. If you could memorize a whole book of the Bible, which one would you want to know by

Personal Thoughts
45. If you could solve one global problem in our world, what would it be? Why?
46. If you could sit down and be absolutely honest with someone in your life right now, and you
knew they wouldn’t get mad- who would you sit down with and talk to?
47. If you could sum up who you are right now in one word, what would be the word?
48. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
49. If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would you change?
50. When you grow up, what is one thing you would like to do or accomplish for God?
51. When was the happiest moment you have ever had?
52. What is one thing about our family dinner times that you think is the best?