About Us

At Martensville Baptist Church we are learning together that we are all on a spiritual journey. We are committed to meeting people no matter where they are on their spiritual journey and helping them discover the relationship God desires to have with them. It is our mission to see people develop to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Purpose Driven? YES, we are!

A church culture takes a long to time to build. I’ve been thinking about our church culture lately and wondering how we would describe it to someone. Purpose Driven comes to mind. It’s not uncommon to hear the question, “What’s your purpose?” in planning every event or, “How are you accomplishing our purpose?” for every ministry that happens here. Do we get tired of it? NO!!! Because we see God working in and through the lives of people who need purpose and direction as they seek to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. We are all on a journey. Each person’s path is unique. One may find their way to God in a senior’s home sitting quietly with a lonely person. Another finds God in a leadership role of a huge event. Each one finds their purpose and significance as they yield their will and their ways to God. What is your purpose? How is God preparing you to find His way? Will you follow?

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