Crafty Pins & Needles

Crafty Pins & Needles is a group of gifted people who’s purpose is to do what they love to do for a purpose.  They have partnered with different mission organizations and do their crafts to benefit and bless missions. They especially love to make things for children. Their leader is Lorraine Redekop.

Updates from Lorraine:

Our group has been busy even when we weren’t getting together.  One of the things we have been doing is knitting these beautiful toques, mostly from donated yarn (which we always accept).  500 of these toques are on a container heading to the Ukraine with Faith Mission out of Winkler MB.  70 toques were delivered to The Bridge in Saskatoon and another 50 are packed up to go to the Lighthouse.

Update on Toques Oct. 30, 2020 – we had a growing number of toques that we had knit, so I got in contact with Salvation Army to see if they needed any and he said he was just going to send a mass email asking the community for toques.  God’s timing was perfect, we were able to bless them with 100 toques for their Men’s shelter in Saskatoon.


Sewing Projects:  This is a few of the 442 pairs of boys shorts that we sewed this year. Each pair of shorts has a pocket for the boys to collect whatever they find that is a ‘treasure’ to them as boys do all over the world. Would you believe there is 9,282” of elastic in those shorts?! (We are always open to donations of 3/4” elastic as we will continue sewing shorts for the next container that goes out in Spring 2021).
These shorts are heading out in a container in November, with Beautiful Feet Ministries for boys in Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi.

Check out these cute little dresses that we are sewing for the little girls that are being reached by Beautiful Fee Ministries:

We sewed over 170 zippered toiletry bags for prisoners so they have something to carry all the things they need to carry when going for a shower. These are distributed through Beautiful Feet ministry in Africa.

Stay tuned to find out more about what our group is doing.