Connecting With Your Gamer: Session I

Every day, teens have to navigate a world where they have to prove themselves important: to their teachers, to their coaches, to their friends and yes, even to you. One of the most powerful things you can do as a parent to communicate your child’s value is by offering your presence. Finding ways to do this, however, can be tricky! Now that they’ve outgrown a lot of childhood activities, it may seem like there is not much to do together for fun. Especially when what your teen enjoys doing is the last place on earth you would choose to spend your time.

Video gaming may be one such activity. However, if it is something your child enjoys, consider the impact playing a game or two with them could have.

Video gaming with your teen can open up unique windows of opportunity for conversation. You may have been experiencing frustration at your attempts at dialogue with your teen; some teenagers do not feel comfortable with the head-on conversation, but will open up in a setting they are comfortable with. Sit side by side your teen while you play a game or two, and let them direct the conversation. Don’t try and push it. Let conversation happen naturally. If it doesn’t, don’t be disappointed with the silence; your presence alone will speak volumes.

The next time your teen has retreated into a video gaming session, ask if you can play with him or her for a while. As you enter in to their world, you are communicating to them that you accept them just as they are. Ultimately, communicating your teen’s worth regardless of their performance gives them a picture of their worth to God.

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Walking with you,
Tim Rauser

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