From MBC to Mexico- Dave & Tammy

Dave & Tammy Wiens

YUGO  Ministries, Mexico

November 2016:

Dave and Tammy have found a house to rent!!!  They move in December 1!

Update from October 2016:

We have arrived in Mexico!  Ensenada is a city of about 500,000 people and is very interesting!

We left home on Monday, October 3rd and arrived in San Diego on Thursday, October 6th.  On Friday, we met with some of our YUGO teammates and unloaded our U-Haul into a different trailer, and made our way to the border crossing, which was surprisingly easy.  They barely looked at the dog’s papers, randomly assigned our stuff a value for duties and didn’t even make us unload anything!  Praise God and thank you for praying!

We then made our way to Ensenada and started to settle into our temporary apartment, which is really cute!  Banjo travelled amazingly well, and seems to have settled in quite nicely.

She has made two little friends who come to play daily – it is a good thing I brought some of my kids LEGO!

This week has been spent trying to take care of finalizing our Temporary Residency Visas.  We have 30 days from the time of entry to finish the process – and it looks like we may need all 30 of them!  After 3 trips to the Immigration office, we are “in the system” now, and are awaiting our appointments to be fingerprinted.  We will receive our cards sometime after that!  We have, however, managed to obtain a Mexican cell phone plan and I have purchased the necessary molcajete (mole-cah-heh-tay) for making salsa!

We would like to thank each one of you for your support and your prayers.  We cannot be here without you.

We would like to ask that you pray for the following things:

*that we would adjust to being in an unfamiliar environment

*that we would be able to start to learn the language

*for safety and protection

*for our children (Karen for her University studies and Katelyn in her job/personal life)

*that we would find a house to rent close to the campus

*That the rest of our financial support would be raised.

(If you would like to support us, please call 1-780-961-7626)

Our new contact information is:

David: (646) 116-9305  (country code 53)            Tammy:  (646) 150-2330 (country code 53)


Mailing address for both of us is:

Letters:                                                                        Packages:

c/o YUGO Ministries                                                c/o YUGO Ministries

Attn: EOC                                                                  Attn: EOC

PO Box 58                                                                 340 W. 26th St. – Suite K

National City, CA 91951-0058                               National City, CA  91950

We have our mail sent to San Diego and is picked up sporadically whenever someone from Ensenada goes to the office in National City.


Dave & Tammy Wiens

YUGO  Ministries, Mexico

Dave & Tammy with their 2 daughters, Katelyn & Karen have attended MBC for  nearly 10 years.  During this time Dave was a Manager in the transportation industry and Tammy was a preschool teacher.   They have served at MBC in many capacities including Church Board and Children’s Ministries, and now they have been called to explore full time missions.  God has led them to serve with YUGO Ministries in Northwest Mexico as part of the Rosarito Campus staff.  Their role will include hosting short term mission groups from all over the globe and helping them to reach Mexico with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dave and Tammy are preparing to leave sometime in September.  They have sold their house so they are technically homeless right now!  They will stay in this area for another month or so until they can leave for Mexico.  They are ready to go, however, they must wait for their full support to come in.  If you have thought about supporting Dave and Tammy, please let them know soon.  You will find a prayer letter with prayer requests and a Support Card at the link below.  Thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with them in ministry as they venture out on this new journey to serve God.

Update from Dave & Tammy, Sept. 15: 

We have finally managed to get our Temporary Residency Visas and are
heading off to Mexico!   We are loading up the truck and leaving early Monday, October 3.  We plan to arrive in San Diego on Thursday, and head into Mexico on Friday, October 7.   We will be doing some training in Ensenada for a few months before we settle in Rosarito.

David and I are travelling to BC this week, and MB next week to visit with family.

Please be in prayer for…

*Safe travels in the next few weeks as we visit family and drive to Mexico.

*An “uneventful” border crossing.

*People to partner with us financially, as we are still a bit short of our minimum support goal.  If you would like to partner with us, please call 1-780-961-7625.

July 2016 Dave & Tammy Wiens Prayer Letter

Dave and Tammy will be sharing at MBC on October 2 in both services.