How Do I Help My Teen Through the Death of a Friend? – Session II

Dear Parent,

Some of you have dealt with this month’s issue of helping our teens through the death of a friend and some of you may not have had to walk through this. There is one all encompassing feeling that all of you will feel when we talk about this topic though. It is fear. Fear of what to do should this happen, fear that it will happen again, and fear that you won’t be able to help your teen if and when it does.

And fear can cause us to react instead of respond. It can make us react during a crisis in a way that would totally surprise us.

Do you know what you would say or do if a friend of your teenager would die? Have you ever had this discussion with your teenager before? Our teens truly believe they are invincible and often it never enters their thought that someone their age could really die. I know that these things are hard to think about and next to impossible to talk about, but it doesn’t make it go away if we pretend it can’t happen.

Don’t allow fear to keep you from being wise regarding this issue. You will probably be surprised at the questions your teenager will come up with if you have this conversation with them. And you may never know the strength you will give your teenager should this ever happen in their lives!

Walking with you,
Tim Rauser

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