How to stay out of my teens drama! – Session I

Dear Parent,

I have a hard time realizing and remembering that so many of the Bible characters we study were once very real people. And sometimes they dealt with some of the very same things we deal with today! I have found it very interesting to study how these people parented during Bible times. Now, I realize that it was different back then, but so many insecurities and questions were the same for them as they are for us today!

One of the Biblical characters that I have the hardest time not setting on a pedestal was Mary, the mother of Jesus! How can I not characterize her as the most perfect mom ever. But that would be so unfair to her. She was just a person, and a very young woman when she started the journey of motherhood.

One of my biggest questions I have about her was how did she handle all of the drama that surrounded her son? Did she constantly defend Him? Did she teach Him how to handle conflict or did she insert herself into everything until He was grown and gone? What kind of mother was Mary when it came to the drama in her Son’s life?

Drama in our teens lives can be a very real monster! And if we aren’t careful, we can react to it in a way that doesn’t help our teenagers at all. Could this be a way to teach our teenagers how to handle difficult situations in a wise manner? Could it be a way to show our teens that we trust them to make the tough decisions without getting involved?

Let drama be a tool that can draw you and your teen together because you are a team just like Mary and Jesus were. You may not always do it right, but God picked you to parent your teen just as He picked Mary to parent His son!

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Walking with you,
Tim Rauser

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