-Hubs is a new application and will have issues.
-You will receive one invite if you are a JR/SR Uth parent, and two if you are a JR & SR Uth parent.
-You will get an invitation email in the next 24 hours. Check spam folder before contacting me that you don’t have an invite.
-Create an account password to finish the account process. The other information should be filled in for you.
-Do not use the Messaging section right now, only the Hubs section.
-Check both announcements and calendar items (events) for new MBC Uth information.
-You can turn on and off notifications at will by going to Notification Settings.
-You can change all of your profile details under Profile Settings.
-Multiple ways to log in, but the easiest method is using the link provided (


Hubs is a relatively new application and thus comes with lots of issues. Expect long load times for any of the Hubs pages, even for super fast internet connections. There may also be glitches or issues with parts of the site. Hubs is owned by the company ‘Stuff You Can Use’ and not Martensville Baptist Church, so many of these problems will persist until they fix them.


There are two hubs, one for JR Uth information and one for SR Uth information. You will receive TWO invitations. However, you will only need to make an account ONCE.

JR Uth invitations will be sent first. Make sure to pick one invitation and create your account before accepting the other invite.


These definitions will be used within the scope of this email.

Hubs: The application that is used to access a hub.
Hub: Each group within Hubs. There is one for JR Uth and one for SR Uth.


Everyone that wanted to join Hubs will receive an invitation email to join the Hub. You cannot join a Hub without an invitation. The email will look like this:

Based on some testing, anyone that receives an invitation will receive multiple copies of the same email. Select any one of the invitation emails and click the Join Now button at the bottom of the message.

If you cannot find the email, make sure to check your spam folder.


Once you have clicked on the invitation button, you will be directed to the signup screen. This screen will look something like this:

Some of this information will already be filled out when you enter the page. The Hub Name will be ‘JR Uth Parents’ or ‘SR Uth Parents’. The First and Last Name will be filled out as your name. The Email Address will be filled in as the email the invite was sent to.

The First and Last Name can be changed in the signup form. The Email cannot. If you want the account attached to a different email, DO NOT complete the form. Instead, email me at and provide me with the email you wish to use instead. If you have already completed the form and want to change the email for your Hubs account, read the section labelled ‘Changing Profile Information’.

The only thing that should need to be filled out is the password. Create a password, and click on the Accept Invitation button when you are ready.


When you have set up your account and accepted the invite, you will be able to access the main page of Hubs. It should look something like this:

There are two sections of Hubs: Hubs and Messages. The youth updates will be solely in the Hubs section. Please do not use the Messages section at this time.

Click on the text ‘JR Uth Parents’ / ‘SR Uth Parents’ or the image above it to view the information inside that Hub.
There are two main locations to view information here: Announcements and Calendar Items (also called Events). There will be entries on both sections, so make sure to check both.

To view Calendar information for a certain date, click on it. A box below the calendar item will show up displaying any items on that date.


Hubs has a notification system that can be used to alert you of upcoming announcements, messages, and events. Click on the bell icon next to the profile name at the top right corner of the screen to access the notifications page. You can also directly access the page using this direct URL (

This page shows the notifications you have received (regardless of whether you have notification alerts on or off). To change notification settings, click on the Settings button with the gear symbol. It will bring up this following page:

Here you can control notifications that you receive. You can receive email, in-app (within the Hubs application), and SMS text messages. Since the account creation process does not require you to enter a phone number, SMS notifications will not work by default.

You can turn off all notifications, certain methods of notification, or leave them all on. You can also change what categories will bring up notifications. Events here refers to calendar items on the Hub.

If you have access to the JR Uth Parents Hub AND the SR Uth Parents Hub, you can restrict certain types of notifications for one Hub and not the other. It exists, but I’m not sure how helpful it really is.


Want to change your display name or add a profile picture? To do this (or modify any other profile information), click on the profile image or profile name at the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu with several options. Select the ‘Profile’ option, and you will be directed to the profile page. Alternatively, you can use this direct URL (

Click on the Edit text on top of the current profile picture, and it will bring up an window that’ll allow you to upload an image.

The first and last name are the names entered at the account creation process. The default display name is a combination of the two. Any of these items can be changed at will.

Contact Number is the phone number supplied to the account for SMS notifications. Due to a current glitch (or believed to be one anyways), the profile page will force you to enter your phone number whenever you try to make any changes to the profile. Enter in your phone number if you want, or enter a fake 10 digit number (I used 0000000000) into the box.

Make sure to save any other profile changes before changing username and email information. These actions will redirect you to the login page when completed and delete any other information that was modified. You must also click on the pencil button to the right of the text box to edit them.

User name is the username used when logging into the account. This will be set to your email by default but can be changed. Email is the email address that notifications and invites will be sent to.

Clicking on the underlined text ‘Change Password’ will bring up another box allowing you to change your password. You will need to provide the original password before creating a new one.


To log out, select the profile icon or profile name and select the ‘Log Out’ option from the dropdown menu. This will log you out of Hubs.

To log back in, you can use any of these methods to access the login page:
1. Use this direct URL (
2. Access it via the Martensville Baptist Church website. On the Youth page ( there is a button labelled ‘Parents’. Click on the button to go to Hubs. Anyone familiar with the website may know this as the previous location for the ‘MBC Uth Parents’ page, which is now obsolete.
3. Searching it on a web search engine. Simply typing in Hubs will result in a plethora of unrelated search results. If you are using this method I would recommend searching using this phrase: stuff you can use hubs

The login page will ask for your username/email and password: