Important Message for PARENTS of KidWorthy Children – FALL 2021

Important Message for PARENTS of KidWorthy Children

Hello Kidworthy Parents,

It has been a joy to have your children join us for KidWorthy through the Summer.  We have learned about the 10 commandments and have been reminded of the stories in Genesis and Exodus.  This coming Sunday will be our last Summer Cinema for KidWorthy. We will be wrapping up our movie lessons with lego mini-figures as we conclude our story on the Exodus.


Sunday, August 29thThis Sunday we are bringing back Check-ins.  Check-ins is our computer check-in software where kids will be printed name tags and parents will receive security tags. Check-ins will be located at the bottom of the stairs as you head down to our lower level. We ask that you would make sure that your family information is correct in the Church Center (including your children’s age/ birth date/ grade). You can also double-check your info on our laptops when you check-in. If your info is up-to-date, you can “pre-check-in” your children on the church Center app. You will receive a QR code once you have pre-checked in. When you arrive at the church, simply scan the QR code at the bottom of the stairs.  Security tags will be needed to pick up your children. This check-in process is for all Nursery, Toddler room, Pre-school, and Grade School (k-gr. 5) children.

Sunday, September 5th– There will be NO KidWorthy for age 4-GR.5. There will be kids bulletins available on this long weekend. Please bring your own coloring or writing supplies.

Volunteers Needed: If you have been involved in volunteering in any of our children’s ministries, I would love to hear from you. For the fall we have a lot of ministry opportunities for those looking to serve. If you are new to us, there is also room to have you serve. There is a short vetting process, but it is quite harmless :).

We are currently looking for 3 lead coordinators. (Toddler Room, Pre-school, and Grade school (K-Gr. 5). 

We also are in need of volunteers in all aspects of our children’s ministry. If you are interested in being in the nursery, we have a need for people to care for the babies. If you are interested in teaching in Grade school, you can contact me and I would love to share more info with you.

If you have any questions about KidWorthy and fall ministries, I would love to hear from you.

Pastor Aaron