Knowing When To Stand Strong With Your Teenager – Session II

Dear Parent,

Thank you for being that kind of parent! Thank you for being willing to show your vulnerability by your willingness to say you’re wrong. Thank you for being courageous in standing by what you say when you know you are right! And thank you for knowing the difference between the two!

I have often wondered how different the conversations would have been between Job and his friends when they were counseling him after he had lost almost everything in the book of Job if they had been willing to change their responses to him. Did they sound so right in their own ears that they missed how pious they sounded? And even when they were right, it was lost on Job because of their own self righteousness! Job even followed their example by becoming self righteous himself!

Do we do that to our own teens? By assuming we are right, do we not allow for the possibility that God needs a different word spoken? Let me encourage you to always be willing to ask yourself two questions as you walk with your teen through these years! Am I willing to show and teach humility by changing my mind if my decision is wrong? Am I willing to stand strong on what I truly believe is right no matter how hard it is? Courage and vulnerability always go hand in hand!

Walking with you,
Tim Rauser

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