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To build relationships with children; to guide them in their spiritual journey; and to help them become fully-devoted children of God.

Studies have shown that by the age of 13, a person’s spiritual identity is largely set in place, and 80% of decisions for Christ are made by the age of 18. Therefore, we consider strong, Biblical teaching within MBC Kids to be of utmost importance.

We devote a lot of energy towards 3 key ministries for children. Click on a logo on the right to learn more about each specific ministry.



As we look to reopen our children’s ministry at MBC, we want to be in compliance with the guidelines and safety measures the Saskatchewan government has laid out. We uphold and support our governing authorities in their attempt to help partner with us to let us get back to the ministry that we as a Church look to pursue.

Our plan for relaunching our Children’s ministry will look quite different than before and will be scaled back. But within all the decisions made, know that the plan we have has been compiled from working through…

The Child and Youth Day Camp Guidelines
The Childcare Facility Guidelines and,
The Guidelines for Accommodating Worship

…that the province has given. Our aim is to continue the ministry God has called us to while also following these directions within our context.

General Safety:

The safety and health of the kids, volunteers, and church as a whole on Sunday morning is of utmost concern to us. At all times, these general safety tips need to be honored and upheld.

  • Attend only when healthy (If someone in the home is sick, please do not have your child attend)
  • Hand cleanliness
  • Physical distancing
  • Mask wearing when you are unable to physically distance
  • Avoid large group of kids and use cohorts when possible
  • Ministry area sanitization after each use


Timeframe & Concern:

We will look to minister in the following manner. We want to do so in all integrity and be as safe as possible. We do not want to hinder the big picture of ministry God has called us to at MBC. This ministry includes continuing to disciple the kids at MBC and we want to be faithful in that.

Provided the climate changes (for good or worse) due to COVID-19 during this time frame, we will look to adjust the procedures for ministry at KidWorthy. We want to be able to offer a safe environment for kids to learn more about their faith. We want to take concern for not only the physical health of each child at MBC but also their spiritual health as well. We ask that you continue to pray for us as leaders and for the Ministries at MBC.

How KidWorthy Will Work:

NOTE: KidWorthy will be for Ages 4- Gr.4 ONLY! (no nursery, toddler room or preschool ministry at this time).

NOTE: KidWorthy will be offered in each service! Please register your children in whatever service you plan to attend.

NOTE: KidWorthy bulletins will be available for children who are sitting in the main service. Please bring your own coloring and writing supplies.

  • During the week when you register your family for a Sunday Worship Service, you will be able to register your child, not as a “Standard” attendee but as a “KidWorthy” attendee for the service. This selection process will be done when you are registering your family for church online through Churchcenter. We ask that you register before Friday afternoon so we can prepare, place and plan for all those attending our service. Registering your child will help us know what kind of numbers we can anticipate. Please stay committed to your registration.
  • When you arrive at Church, we ask that you enter through the main entrance doors. You as a family unit will stay together and follow the lead of the ushers to your seats in the auditorium. This is where your child will be able to worship alongside their family. If they desire to sing, a mask is required to be worn.
  • After the singing portion of the service is done, the children will be invited to don their mask and follow the KidWorthy leader out the back lobby exit doors and down the stairs. Hand sanitizer will be offered to each child. There will not be any singing in KidWorthy. Masks will only need to be worn while the children head down and when they are done the Sunday morning worship and wait for their parents.
  • When the children are in the lower level they will be directed to a specific location in the common room where they will sit physically distant, with clear markers on the ground, in the big room for open session. At this time, your child will be able to remove their mask if they desire. Children will be sitting with siblings only unless a cohort has been designated by you the parents. Children will be spaced out 6ft apart from other family or cohort groups.
  • Since we are offering KidWorthy in each of our services, our aim is to keep our attendance manageable. We will keep the group size of Children no larger than 15 kids. When more than 15 are present, a divider will be put in place in the main room. This will allow for 2 groups of 15 Children if necessary. The KidWorthy leader and volunteer will not mix with the potential 2 groups. Kids from each group will also not be allowed to mix. There will be a minimum of 2 adults down with the group of kids.
  • The lesson will be displayed through projection. We encourage each child to bring their own Bible (or at least 1 per family). Worksheets will be handed out after sanitization has taken place. Sanitized clipboards and crayon packs will be given to each child so they can participate with the worksheet.
  • At the end of the KidWorthy time, Clipboards and crayon packs will be deposited by the child into a bin where they will stay untouched for 48 hrs.
  • Children will then be escorted to the main stairwell while wearing their mask. They will wait for their parents to be dismissed from worship upstairs. Children will stand physically distant in the stairwell.
  • When Children have gone, all handrails, doorways, doorknobs, and dividers will be sanitized.


Other Details:

  • Children should not bring extra items down to KidWorthy other than their Bible.
  • Jackets can be worn if the child would prefer or left upstairs with parents.
  • If a child shows any signs or symptoms of illness, parents will be notified immediately to come and get their child. The child will wait at the bottom of the stairwell for their parent. Handrails and surfaces will then be sanitized.
  • The single-person bathrooms on the east side of the lower level will be available. However, we ask that you have your child go prior to coming to church and or take them before they come to KidWorthy. The bathroom will be sanitized in between each use.
  • Due to privacy information, we will not be allowed to offer live streaming of the sessions online for kids at home. Activity sheets and lesson videos will be available online through the KidWorthy Parent Group on Churchcenter. If you are not attending our weekend services quite yet, feel free to use these online resources to teach your child at home. If you need a hand with printing the packets, contact Pastor Aaron.


This season of life has been like no other. This season of the church has been unique to say the least. With the many changes that you as families have had to face this year, know that we are on your side. We understand that for many, these changes can seem hard. We are aware that some of our families will be eager to join in and some will not. We acknowledge that these changes will come easy for some of our children and for some it will be hard.

In it all, I would like to encourage us all to be gracious with one another. Let’s be kind and compassionate while staying faithful to the mission God has for KidWorthy at MBC. If you are concerned about anything in our ministry, please come talk to me.


Aaron Dalman
Pastor of Discipleship and Family Ministries
Martensville Baptist Church

Normal Schedule (no COVID) September through May: Sunday Services 

  • Nursery & Toddler Room – both services
  • KidWorthy – K to Grade 5 – Sundays at 9:30 am
  • Olympians – Kid’s Club – K to Grade 5 – Tuesday Evenings
  • Summer Kid’s Ministry – 10am Summer Sundays at 10 am
  • Kids Week – K to Grade 5 – One-Week Summer Vacation Ministry (Evenings)
  • Library – Resources and Reading Material for All Ages

For more information, please contact Pastor Aaron Dalman:

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