Our Mission:

To build relationships with couples, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. To help couples in their marriages, to become fully devoted followers of Jesus, and committed to each other.

Our Vision: To provide a ministry where individuals can have an opportunity to have events and Biblical teachings that provide insights for where they are at in their marriages.  To encourage couples to be intentional in meeting each other at the cross and seeing their spouses through the eyes of grace and love.  To create an opportunity for couples to work on building strong relationships with each other in their marriages, so the Kingdom of God will be furthered, and God will be glorified.

“Marriage isn’t just about raising kids, splitting chores, and making love. It can also have a spiritual dimension that has to do with creating an inner life together.” – John Gottman, The Seven Principles for Making Marriages Work

This Marriage Ministry offers information through various articles and authors.

If you are looking for marriage counseling, please contact Nicole or visit our list of recommended counselors.