Men’s Ministries

The Men’s Ministry of MBC is about building relationships with men no matter where they are on their spiritual journey and help them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. Being a man, a dad, a husband, and a leader can be a challenge. Through the ups and downs of living as a man in our world, we need to be upheld by each other.  Therefore, we value the time we have with the men of our church. We want to come alongside men to help them be the man God calls them to be.  We desire to see the men of our church grow in their faith, stepping up to be leaders in their marriages, homes, and communities.
The Men’s Ministry meets once every other month or so to build relationships with each other. It’s easy to feel alone or without a group of guys to do life with. So we value building relationships at our events.  These times are great but there’s more to our men’s ministry.
We also use discipleship courses to challenge men in their faith. Every Man A Warrior is a 3 book series with 9-week commitments for each book.  This course will walk you through how to develop the skills to be growing in your faith, it will hold you accountable and will cover various topics that men face in today’s world. We also offer the Authentic Manhood: 33 The Series group studies. These evenings consist of a DVD study geared towards men and the various nuances we live through. Great discussions are had after the DVD session. We also offer mentoring situations for those interested in growing through a mentoring partnership.
If you are interested in being apart of our men’s ministry, connect with Pastor Aaron.

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