Spiritual Gifts Test


Spiritual Gifts Test

Respond to each statement below according to who you are, not who you would like to be or think you ought to be!

How true are these statements to you? What has been your experience? To what degree do these statements reflect your usual tendencies? This survey has 80 questions, and all of them must be completed in order to finish. When you're finished, click the results button below and your scores for each gift will be automatically calculated!


Respond to each statement using this scale

0 = Not at all; Never

1 = Some of the time; once in a while

2 = Most of the time; usually true

3 = Consistently; definitely true


#1: I like to organize people, tasks, and events.
#2: I can easily tell the difference between right and wrong, what is truth and lie and good and evil.
#3: I have a good understanding of the gospel, and can share it with others easily.
#4: I tend to see the potential in people, not their weaknesses.
#5: I find it natural and easy to trust God to answer my prayers.
#6: I am always ready to give money for an important need.
#7: I enjoy working behind the scenes and supporting the work of others.
#8: I am a very caring person and always sympathize with other people.
#9: I really want others to learn and grow in their faith.
#10: Education and knowledge are very important to me.
#11: I decide things based on facts, not my feelings.
#12: I can usually tell what a person's character is like based upon first impressions.
#13: I always look for opportunities to build relationships with non-Christians.
#14: I am able to help others when they are upset about something.
#15: I have confidence that God will always provide for me, even in difficult times.
#16: When I earn money, I always give some back to God.
#17: I enjoy doing routine tasks that support the ministry.
#18: I am a patient person, but I respond quickly to help those in need.
#19: I am very protective of people who need my help.
#20: I have a very strong desire to study the Bible on a regular basis.
#21: When I am given a job, I am able to recruit people to help out, and can explain what needs to be done so they understand what to do.
#22: I can see through phoniness and deceit before other people can.
#23: I feel that I have to tell my friends about Jesus, especially those who don't go to church.
#24: I give hope to others by telling them about the promises of God.
#25: I believe that God will help me to accomplish greater things.
#26: I am organized in all areas of my life. I can find things when I need them.
#27: I feel like I am a part of my church even when I do routine tasks like cleaning, painting, or yard work.
#28: I enjoy helping people who others think of as "undeserving" or beyond help.
#29: I like trying to protect others from doing bad things so that they can grow stronger in their faith.
#30: I pay close attention to the words, phrases, and meanings of those who teach.
#31: I am a leader at school and church. I can effectively share goals in such a way that others want to carry them out.
#32: I tend to see rightness or wrongness in situations.
#33: Some people think I'm too pushy when I talk about what I believe, and when I try to convince others to follow Jesus.
#34: I can develop a plan to solve every problem that I or my friends might have.
#35: I trust God even when my success seems impossible.
#36: Some people believe that I am into "things" because of the importance I place on money.
#37: I usually do lots of things that help people.
#38: It is important to me to comfort others when they are hurt.
#39: Relationships are more important to me than other tasks related to a job. I am a "people" person.
#40: I like to study the Bible one book at a time.
#41: I like to set goals and reach them, no matter what others think about my goals and motives.
#42: People usually tell me that I am a good judge of character.
#43: I believe salvation is the greatest gift of all.
#44: I strengthen those who are down in their faith.
#45: I am absolutely sure of God's daily presence and action in my life.
#46: I like knowing that the money I give makes a real difference in the lives and ministries of God's people.
#47: I like to find small things that need to be done and often do them without being asked.
#48: I can look beyond a person's handicaps or problems to see a life that matters to God.
#49: I think I would enjoy being given the responsibility for the spiritual growth of a group of believers, like a Sunday school class or a Bible study.
#50: When I teach Scripture, others are interested and want to learn more.
#51: I enjoy learning how organizations function.
#52: I know when preaching, teaching, or communication is not true to the Bible.
#53: I would rather tell others about my faith and about Jesus more than anything else.
#54: I like motivating others to take steps for spiritual growth.
#55: I am regularly challenging my friends to trust God.
#56: When I give something, I want it to be the best that can be given.
#57: I don't wish to be the leader or the most popular person in school or at church. I like being one of the crowd.
#58: I enjoy bringing hope and joy to people living in difficult situations.
#59: I can gently help wandering believers to get back to faith and fellowship.
#60: When I teach, others usually "get" what I am trying to say.
#61: I dream big dreams, but I don't usually tell others about them.
#62: I can see sin when others can't.
#63: I want to talk with people who don't know Jesus even if they are total strangers, just so I can influence them for Jesus.
#64: When I study the Bible, I am interested in what it says to me about my life and how it can help me solve problems.
#65: I am willing to try things that others think are not possible, if I am doing it for God.
#66: It really bothers me when people are in need of money or things; I want to do something about it.
#67: I readily and happily use any of my skills to help wherever needed.
#68: I act on feelings rather than facts.
#69: Teaching the same material over and over is boring. I like to learn and teach new things to others.
#70: I enjoy explaining things to people so that they can grow spiritually and personally.
#71: I work best under pressure.
#72: I see most actions as right or wrong, and feel the need to correct the wrong.
#73: My conversations with non-believers usually leads me to telling them about my faith.
#74: I consider myself to be a very practical "down to earth" person, so I enjoy practical teaching that I can use in my everyday life.
#75: I live with confidence because I know that God is always at work in my life.
#76: It is important for me to support missions with my money and time.
#77: I am excited and willing to serve others when I am needed to.
#78: Others people know that I care about them. I always try to have a loving attitude.
#79: I pray a lot for other people.
#80: I get upset when others misuse the Bible by making it say what they want it to say, instead of what it really means.